Miss Hearn stood before the Wallingford School logoFirstly, I would like to introduce myself, I am Miss Hearn your Head of Year. I am very excited to welcome you to Wallingford School. I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting you and in the coming months I am personally going to visit all the different primary schools to do so. We also have our transition day which will give you the opportunity to explore the school, meet your peers and teachers and a get a feel of secondary school (more information about all of this will follow). 

A bit about me: I am a Maths teacher and have also taught a little PE. I love a challenge and I'm very competitive, so I thought I would leave you with a challenge and an opportunity to earn your first house points! Let me know your answers when I visit you.

Six pointed star made of many triangles. But how many?
  1. What has a bottom at the top?
  2. Can you solve this anagram? HERE COME DOTS
  3. How many triangles can you find in this shape?

Have a look through the menu and take a look at our Easter school newsletter, some of our past activities "beyond the classroom" or see if you can find your way around the school on the school map!