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Year 12 Options Clinic

Monday 26th September 4.30-7pm in the Sixth Form Common Room

We would like to ensure that Year 12 students are on courses that give them the best chance of success. This is vital, given that students will be studying subjects for two years without the option of dropping a subject. We will be inviting specific students and parents in to meet with a member of Leadership, where subject teachers have expressed concern over their ability to achieve success on a course. This will be fairly short notice, since we are holding the first assessment week immediately before. It would be sensible to pencil in Monday 26th on your calendar, if parents or students feel that a course change is possible.

For more information, please contact Mr Lamb - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WSA Quiz Night

WSA quiz night poster

Year 7 Parent and Tutor Evening

Thursday 29th September, 6.30pm in the Main Hall.

This is an opportunity to meet your child's form tutor and other parents within their form group. The tutor will give an informal presentation and there will be a chance for you to ask questions. We look forward to meeting you all.

Year 12 Parent Information Evening & BTEC Launch Event

Tuesday 13th September 6.30pm

This is a chance for parents to learn more about what to expect whilst their son or daughter is part of Wallingford Sixth Form. There will be a presentations about our expectations, daily procedures, important dates and much more. There will also be a chance to ask questions and to speak to a member of the sixth form team.

Immediately after the general presentation, there will be a launch event for parents of students studying any of our BTEC courses (Art & Design; Business Studies; IT; Health & Social Care). This is a very important event to attend, in order to gain a full understanding of how these qualifications work and what is expected of students.

We look forward to seeing all Year 12 parents there!

GCSE Results 2016

Triplets receive their results

This is another set of very impressive results to continue a run of 5 years of extremely high performance. As always we would like to thank the parents for buying into the culture of high attainment and supporting us so well. It goes without saying that the hard work and talent of the teachers is also reflected in this set of results.

Most importantly it is the students themselves who deserve to take a bow. It must be tough to start the process following year groups who have done well and lift your own performance to match those expectations. This year group worked hard, coped with a lot of pressure and many had to keep going with things they found challenging.

Of significance is the performance of our more academic students. Over 34% of all GCSEs sat were A/A* grades, with 13% of students getting at least 8 A/A* passes.

Particular respect is due to those who find studying hard, were never going to reap the highest rewards but who continued pressing to do the best they could. Perhaps the actual grades for these young people are not the most impressive but they have shown an attitude that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. To watch young people be so determined and conscientious when others find it easy to achieve higher marks is wonderful.

A Level Results 2016

Students with their exam result envelopes

Our performance in the key measure has improved this year by 2%, which is better than the national trend. This year 53% of A levels sat were at A* to B grades. Every student who wanted a university place had achieved one on the day the results were published, which is a remarkable achievement.

Families and teachers take pride in their support of young people through A Level study but, more than elsewhere, the young people themselves deserve the credit for success. There is no way of escaping the need to do a lot of independent study and take responsibility for your own learning. Not everyone will get what they hoped for; that is an unpleasant fact of life. Those who have been successful will have done a lot of work over a sustained period. We are very proud of them.

We might also note the success of students on vocational courses. We have had a considerable number take fairly challenging BTEC courses in this cohort. A large number of these have been very successful indeed, and used this as a route into work, apprenticeships or university. This group have helped turn this into a valid route to rival that of A Levels for many young people.

If we can single one person out it would be Ed Church. This time last year he had such a challenging day because his AS results had not been what he wanted. In fact they were some way short. Where others might have lowered expectations or looked for excuses, Ed took responsibility, rolled his sleeves up and worked incredibly hard. He has been rewarded with 3 A* grades at A Level. It is not his success and brains that we are particularly proud of as much as his determination to keep aiming high, and working even harder when things did not go well. He deserves to feel as proud of himself as he probably is right now.

GCSE Results Day 2016 - Thursday 25th August

 DSC5206 480s

10am to 1pm (breakfast from 9.30am) 6th Form Common Room


• We can email them to your personal email. Send a request email, including your name and address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• We will send the results to you, if you leave an A5 stamped addressed envelope with the office

• If you ask someone else to collect them for you, they MUST bring a letter signed by YOU stating that they have your permission to collect your results.

GCE Results Day 2016 - Thursday 18th August

 DSC5180 480s

A2: 8am to 12pm - Library
AS: 10am to 12pm – Library


• We can email them to your personal email. Send a request email, including your name and address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• If you are going to be away we will send the results to you, if you leave an A5 stamped addressed envelope with the office.

• If you ask someone else to collect them for you, they MUST bring a letter from YOU stating that they have your permission to collect your results.

Bad Wurzach German Exchange 2016

20160607 115648 480s

Day 1: Monday 6th June

We eventually arrived in Germany after a delayed flight (extra time to shop for me!!!). At 10:30pm, we came to the school where we were greeted by our host families. My partner for the week was a girl called Lena.

20160607 112445 230s 20160607 141328 230s

Day 2: Tuesday 7th June

As German children start school at 7:45am, we had to wake up REALLY early (5:45 our time!). We went into school with our partners and stayed with them until it was lunch. However, before we left to eat (children in Germany get to leave the school premises at lunch), we went to the Bad Wurzach town hall and met the town's mayor, who told us some of the town's history.

After lunch, we headed to a bakery to learn how to make traditional German pretzels.

20160608 112450 230 20160608 141001 230s

Day 3: Wednesday 8th June

After another early start, we met at school to go to Munich. After a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived. Munich was extremely beautiful, although the weather was not! After strolling through the historical streets, we boarded the bus once again to go to the Allianz Arena! We were lucky enough to have a backstage tour where we saw the press conference room, pitch and locker rooms! As my brother LOVES BIA Munich, I bought him a training top and water bottle.

20160609 092413 230s 20160609 103133 230s

Day 4: Thursday 9th June

On Thursday, we went to the historic city of Ulm where we climbed the biggest steeple in the world. Although I am terrified of heights, I am glad I did it as the views were breathtaking (once I got my breath!). Afterwards we went to an AWESOME water park.

20160610 091559 230s 20160610 092051 230

Day 5: Friday 10th June

On our penultimate day in Germany, we went to the beautiful town of Lindau. Lindau is surrounded by a sapphire-blue lake which shimmered in the sun. We had time to stroll round the town before heading to the skywalk. After a quick walk through the German countryside, we arrived to see a long pathway snaking through the treetops. From the top of the skywalk, you could see the picturesque Alps in the distance. To get down, you slide down a very long and awesome slide.

20160610 124123 230 20160610 135917 230

Day 6: Saturday 6th June

On the last day, we did a trip with our families. Lena and her friend Emily's (partnered with Georgie Newman) family took us to a game museum. Afterwards we had time to shop and eat ice-cream. A perfect ending to a great week!

-Lily, Year 8

Year 7 Boulogne Trip 2016

IMG 9647 230s IMG 9589 230s

The Boulogne trip was a very educational but enjoyable trip, which definitely boosted my interest in French culture and I would love to go back there someday.

We were expected to be at school by 4:15am but my alarm woke me up at 3:20am! (Way too early, if you ask me). It took time to decipher where I was and what I was doing, but I recovered quickly and soon enough I was getting dressed and packing my lunch into my bag. My mum looked "overjoyed" to be taking me to school at this time of night, as I'm sure the other parents were.

When we arrived at school, we were assigned our groups and given wristbands so that the teachers knew that we were with them. Next, we got on the bus and went to sleep as it was still pretty much the night. We travelled for about 5hrs(ish) but in that time we had had breakfast and a bit of sleep. Then we got on the ferry at around 9:25am - to be exact - and were free to roam around and buy what we wanted (even €40 perfume!).

IMG 9602 230s IMG 9601 230s

One and a half hours later, we arrived in France and drove to Boulogne. Our first destination in Boulogne was the ramparts. We walked along them, filling in our booklets as we went. It was a magnificent view from the top, and you could see the whole town so it also doubled as a great photo spot. We stopped at the top of a hill to eat our lunch; unless you'd gobbled it down already (which I do not advise as you would be starved to death by the end of the trip).

After that we visited the cathedral, and - yet again - took lots of pictures. Then, we walked through the Old Town (where we could buy souvenirs if we wanted to, e.g berets or pizza). I found it really 'fascinant' because we got to see all the French architecture and how different it was from English architecture.

 IMG 9600 230s 20160617 144039 230s

Last - but not least - we drove to the long-anticipated hyper market where we could roam around and finally spend our euros on French sweets, ice cream, makeup, cheese, clothes etc. I enjoyed this part of the trip the most because we could use our French in proper situations, and we got to see things that we don't normally get in the UK.

After the hypermarket, we walked back to the coach and set off to go home. When we got to the port, we were held up by security so it took a bit longer to get into the UK but eventually we got on the ferry and managed to finally stretch our legs.

We got back at around 12:00pm but it was worth it because overall I think that the trip was really enjoyable. I would definitely do it again!

- Jemima, Year 7

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