Girl smiling on the school fieldI hope that everyone in our school community is safe and well. As I’ve written previously, none of this is easy and what at first may have seemed strange and unusual probably does now at times feel boring and frustrating and requires us to dig deep as individuals and families, as a school community and as a society to support each other in any and every way that we can.

Words and phrases change their meanings and connections with people over time – twenty five years ago if you had mentioned words like “iphone” or “instagram” you would have left people looking very confused indeed. Equally, certain phrases represent their time, both positively and negatively.

One of the phrases I have been struck with in 2020 is the phrase “Be Kind”. It’s not particularly new but it has risen to prominence and it really has something to it. It is a catchy phrase because it’s short, it’s simple, it’s instructional and it connects with us. It fits with our modern world of social media - #bekind – and it also means something to people across all age groups. Most of all it’s about warmth and care – the word “kind” suggests something gentle and simple, emotional and also straightforward.

There have been so many acts of kindness highlighted in the media over recent weeks and our desire to “Be Kind” is only made greater by the current situation; sometimes we feel that these can be for other people and can be hard to be a part of. They don’t have to be and we can all make a difference in small ways.

So, if you are at home a bit bored and a little frustrated, do something which shows that you can “Be Kind”; it could be a big gesture helping out around your home or for a neighbour; it could be something as simple as getting in touch with a friend and asking how they are; whatever it is, it will make a difference for someone and should make you feel that you are supporting them and doing the right thing. Never underestimate the importance of being kind.