We loved hearing from Wilfrid, Year 7, yesterday, where he tolds us how busy he has been in the kitchen - he is turning into quite the cooking star!

He has made a huge range of goodies all by himself ranging from sourdough bread (made using his very own starter yeast), fudge (with help from mum - be careful if you try at home), sponge cakes, pancakes, churros and cinnamon sugar, hot cross buns, brownies, cheese scones, dandelion and rhubarb syrup and his pièce de résistance - Cornish pasties made with homemade shortcrust pastry!

We are incredibly impressed - well done Wilfrid - we'd love to see more!

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Homemade Syrups Wilfrid holding Cornish Pasties Sponge cake

Hot Cross Buns

Fudge Brownies