Students looking in a microscopeI spoke with Year 10 in assembly on Thursday about difference. Often we think that schools aren’t about difference and are really about conformity. To be honest, I absolutely understand that.

Schools are inevitably about order. Smart uniform, lining up, putting hands-up – they are all part of an orderly school community and this is what we expect of a large organisation.  This order demands that things are the same – the literal definition of uniform. However, what we, of course, know is that we are all very different.

It’s not always easy being a teenager. It’s a time of change and of development and things which happen to us in these years – good, bad and indifferent – shape us into the adult we become. The strength of our school community is that we support each other, acknowledge and celebrate our differences and do so together. In many ways our structures and sense of order support us with this. School uniform is a good example of this. Give or take the odd difference, all students wear the same thing – there is uniformity in appearance while acknowledging that everyone is different but is an individual who is part of something. We know that everyone is different but also being the same makes us part of a caring and supportive school community and that is really important.

On an entirely separate matter, we are keeping up to date with the advice and guidance from the Government regarding coronavirus. We are mindful that this is a fluid situation and subject to regular change.

Current advice is available through following the link below:

We are a large school community and would ask all families to be make responsible decisions and communicate with the school if they have concerns.

We are going to display posters in school reminding students to wash their hands with hot water and soap regularly and also to cough and/or blow their nose in to a tissue which is then thrown in to the bin.

I am sure that you will be following how the situation develops in the media and we will update you further if there are any changes which affect our students and school.