This week, many Year 9 students are spending the week at Kilvrough, Yenworthy and Woodlands activity centres. During their stay, they get a chance to abseil, surf, go caving, canoeing and take part in many other activities, learning to work as a team and overcome certain fears.

We heard from a few girls at the Kilvrough site:

"Overall the first few days have been very eventful and challenging. For me, I think abseiling was the most daunting activity because I am terrified of heights. However, I was able to overcome this and complete the task. Afterwards, I was so proud of myself and continued to complete the climbing task too." - Jessie

"On the first night we completed an orienteering task which was really good fun and allowed us to explore the grounds independently. The tasks have allowed us to work as a team - I already feel like we have bonded as a group. During the abseiling today, everyone was really encouraging and helped me do it even though I was scared. I was very proud of myself and felt I could look forward to the rest of the week now." - Gemma

"Today we went climbing and abseiling on the coast. On my way there I told myself I wouldn't abseil but once we arrived the encouragement from my team convinced me to do it and I am extremely happy I did because it has made me more confident and comfortable around my team mates." - Abi