Last week, some of our Year 7 students visited PGL Liddington for a couple of days' residential. Here are some of their thoughts on the trip:

My favourite activity was archery because it was really fun and interesting. We also did rock climbing, zipline and the crate challenge. One thing I am proud of is that I am not afraid of heights anymore after the trip. I also really enjoyed the trip because I didn’t have to do any school work!

- Conor


We went on a PGL trip last week and I really enjoyed all of the activities but my top two were the giant swing and the climbing wall. I was really happy when I did the giant swing because at first I was really nervous so my first go I went only half way up. It was awesome and I was really pleased that I did it so I had another go but this time I went a bit higher up and I was even more pleased.

I also liked the climbing. I thought it would be fine but when I was half way through I thought actually this is a bit scary! But I got to the top confidently and I even had another go! The activities were all really fun.  It helped me with teamwork and confidence building and I’m glad I went.

- Jonathan


Around a week ago, we went to PGL in Liddington to relieve some stress before exams. Liddington is in North Wiltshire near where I started an 18 mile walk once, so I found it a relief to be near somewhere that I knew.

There were a lot of outdoor activities - predominantly including heights which I am petrified of; it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. However, not all the activities involved heights which comforted me because I knew I’d be able to do some things confidently.

On completion of the climbing wall, I felt glowing pride through me. I was in tears but I think they may have been tears of happiness. I remember everyone cheering me on as I rang the bell at the top of the tower to signal that I’d finished.

I particularly enjoyed the food because there was a wide variety to choose from and there wasn’t an overly large queue. There was a salad bar on the side which you could take as much from as you wanted, and there were lots of condiments as well.

One of my favourite activities was archery because it involved precision and there was lots of competition. I had done archery before but I wasn’t sure when. I also felt extremely confident because I felt safe close to the ground.

In the evenings, we also did activities. They consisted of wacky races and a 'disco'. Wacky races was where we did races out in the quad but they had a twist - a lot of them were moves I recognised from gymnastics. We had a couple of games of tag afterwards because we had some spare time. The 'disco' turned out to be a game of cricket with disco music in the background.

Overall, I enjoyed PGL because it gave me a chance of freedom and a break from lessons.

- Rachel