Year 10 Parents' Evening Postponed & News About Tomorrow

The weather forecast suggests that we will have heavy snow early evening. It seems unfair on staff to ask them to stay and risk unsafe driving conditions when they drive home at 9pm or so and most families would not appreciate coming out on such an inclement evening to have many of their meetings cancelled.

As such I hope people understand that we have decided to postpone the parents’ evening tonight and will be in touch soon to let you know how we intend to replace the opportunity to meet.

At present the forecast says it will snow tonight but what whatever snowfall there is tomorrow will be light and in the afternoon. That may well change but, as it stands we assume that there will be a slow and haphazard start to tomorrow but we should be able to open.

There will be further information in the morning, when we can assess the situation better and know which coach companies will be able to pick students up from the local villages.

Year 10 Parents' Evening

We will review at lunchtime whether Year 10 Parents' Evening should go ahead. If heavy snow is predicted (by BBC Weather) between lunchtime and parents' evening, we will cancel it to make sure staff, students and parents get home safely.  We will post an update this afternoon.

Latest Bus Information

Tappins, Walters, Go Green Taxis and Supreme Taxis are all running as normal.


As always, our intention on days of bad weather is to balance the need to keep operating as a school as far as possible with keeping people safe.  We appreciate that some parents have jobs where they are needed and others want to keep precious pay and holiday entitlements. We also want families who believe it is important to be able to reinforce the message to children that getting to work when you can, whatever the challenge or temptation, matters. 

The forecasts suggests light snow today, which will be inconvenient. 

Tomorrow it looks like heavier snow and perhaps ice. That could be a fun day to be at school together or tip over into being too risky. 

We will open today. If we hear anything from the bus services we’ll let you know. If the weather worsens and bus companies ask to pick up earlier we will support them and let the students leave before 3.15. We will ask them to let parents know first. 

Y11 mock exams will run. 

Tomorrow we try to will open,at least for those who can walk to school, if it is safe and let you know if not then operate as today. If we are open tomorrow the Sixth-Form-versus-the rest-snowball fight will take place at break. Again, we will send students home if the buses need to leave early. 

Another factor is the staff at the school. Many have long journeys and children at places that don’t open. We won’t be able to offer a routine day and may find ourselves too light on numbers to do more than supervise if Friday really is awful. I think everyone knows our staff do try very hard to help the school function on such days, so don’t stay off work lightly. They deserve to look out for their own safety too. If they are anxious or feel unsafe we would all want them not to take risks. 

Students can come to school in whatever footwear feels safest in slippery conditions for the rest of the week. 

Please make whatever decision feels right for your children. We will respect it either way. Bear with us if things don’t run smoothly our end. It is a difficult set of circumstances and we are doing our best to help people and send the right messages to students.  

Good luck with the weather. We hope it isn’t too challenging for you and, even if you can’t enjoy elements of it, you get through safely and to work if you need