Dear Parents and Carers

Please find below details from Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) regarding transport to and from school. Please do spend some time reading through the information in advance of September.

Here is a summary of the information with some further details that may be helpful:

School Transport

If your child is entitled to free home to school transport or currently travels on a spare seat concessionary travel pass, OCC will be in contact directly.

Students should sit with others from the same year group, reflecting the bubbles in school. Where possible, we ask that students following distancing rules within vehicles.

Please also consider: use of hand sanitiser upon boarding and/or disembarking; being patient and where possible, socially distance while queuing and boarding; use of a face covering, where appropriate, for example, if they are likely to come into very close contact with students outside their bubble.

Public Transport

There is a high likelihood of capacity on existing routes being restricted. Other options should be explored (see below). Please be aware that for public transport, the use of a face covering is mandatory for those over the age of 11.

Other Options

If students live within walking or cycling distance from the school, then this option should be explored. Students should only take this option if it is safe to do so and the following should be considered:

  • Discuss road safety; is the route safe for travel?
  • Can part or all of the journey be taken with at least one other person?
  • Use of reflective clothing and, if cycling, wearing of a helmet
  • Students should be aware of other potential dangers, including from people they don’t know

If you are planning to drive your child to school, then ideally travel in the car should be family only (see Government guidance on the attached document).

If we receive any further updates or advice on school transport will we send out the relevant information to families as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Mr R Griffiths

Assistant Headteacher 
Wallingford School 

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