The Place

Whatever your job, the environment you are in makes a massive difference to the quality of your life. Wallingford is a beautiful little town in South Oxfordshire. The buildings in the town centre are quaint and have been well preserved, many for hundreds of years. The Thames runs through the town and one of the many pleasant pubs is situated right on the banks with a riverside terrace. It is a pleasant place for a coffee or a meal. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, with many attractive villages dotted around the region. All this is very near to the stunning and lively city of Oxford, with Reading a short drive away as well. It is also handy to London.

It is difficult to imagine a more idyllic setting to work and live in. The journey to and from work in the months of daylight is an enjoyable experience.

The Students

We are equally lucky with the community we serve. Our catchment area contains the full spread of ability and social profile, although it comprises a higher than usual proportion of young people who are from aspirant, stable and supportive homes. This means we have the pleasure of teaching a population of positive and courteous children and the capacity to make a difference for the small number that struggle from time to time. This is a job for someone who loves the classroom and enjoys taking risks with learning. Students will respond by helping to make the lesson work and appreciate our efforts.

They are a joy to be with. If you walk from one side of the school to the other you will inevitably be smiling because of a couple of exchanges with the students.

The Staff

Teaching and associate staff at Wallingford enjoy coming to work with each other. The staffroom has an independent study area, a meeting room, and a large and well equipped social space with a breakfast bar. We meet twice a week for briefings, which are fairly informal affairs. The atmosphere in the staffroom is very friendly indeed. People like working on the team and choose to spend time in each others' company either socially or through sports fixtures. It is truly welcoming and cheerful here, and the quality of relationships with colleagues is a very attractive feature of the school.