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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our school. We want to help every pupil choose the right mix of elements that will send them into the world able and qualified to play their full part. Those of us who work at Wallingford know we are very lucky to serve a community of young people who are typically very well-brought up, conscientious and ambitious. This is a cheerful and welcoming place. Pupils have fun, work hard and are thoughtful.

We believe there is much to be said for a long, happy childhood in the hands of caring adults. Young people here are so positive and confident partly because they are both respected and respectful. Excellent behaviour attracts a high calibre of teacher.

The Place

Whatever your job, the environment you are in makes a massive difference to the quality of your life. Wallingford is a beautiful little town in South Oxfordshire. The buildings in the town centre are quaint and have been well preserved, many for hundreds of years. The Thames runs through the town and one of the many pleasant pubs is situated right on the banks with a riverside terrace. It is a pleasant place for a coffee or a meal. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, with many attractive villages dotted around the region. All this is very near to the stunning and lively city of Oxford, with Reading a short drive away as well. It is also handy to London.

It is difficult to imagine a more idyllic setting to work and live in. The journey to and from work in the months of daylight is an enjoyable experience.

The Students

We are equally lucky with the community we serve. Our catchment area contains the full spread of ability and social profile, although it comprises a higher than usual proportion of young people who are from aspirant, stable and supportive homes. This means we have the pleasure of teaching a population of positive and courteous children and the capacity to make a difference for the small number that struggle from time to time. This is a job for someone who loves the classroom and enjoys taking risks with learning. Students will respond by helping to make the lesson work and appreciate our efforts.

They are a joy to be with. If you walk from one side of the school to the other you will inevitably be smiling because of a couple of exchanges with the students.

The Staff

Teaching and associate staff at Wallingford enjoy coming to work with each other. The staffroom has an independent study area, a meeting room, and a large and well equipped social space with a breakfast bar. We meet twice a week for briefings, which are fairly informal affairs. The atmosphere in the staffroom is very friendly indeed. People like working on the team and choose to spend time in each others' company either socially or through sports fixtures. It is truly welcoming and cheerful here, and the quality of relationships with colleagues is a very attractive feature of the school.

John MarstonI am very proud to be Headteacher of Wallingford School. I am proud of our students who are fantastic young people whose enthusiasm, commitment, talent and humour make it a joy to come to school every day; I am proud of our staff who are so dedicated to inspiring, supporting and guiding our students to fulfil their potential; and I am proud that our school is comprehensive and embedded at the heart of its local community of the town of Wallingford and the surrounding villages.

Teaching and learning is very strong at Wallingford and our results over time speak for themselves. We are a high-performing school with teachers and associate staff who are committed to innovation and creativity in the classroom and beyond. However, all members of our school community understand that our school is not just about results but also about the type of young people we help to develop. Our extra-curricular programme is exceptional – broad, deep and varied with something for everyone. Equally, the pastoral support we offer our students and staff is excellent, recognising each young person as an individual and supporting them in their personal development as they progress to becoming young adults.

We aspire for our students to leave us being “able and qualified”; they should be sent into the world with examination results which demonstrate their potential but also as responsible, reflective and informed young people ready to take their place in society. This belief is embedded within a tangible ethos which resonates throughout the school and beyond.

If you want to get a real understanding of Wallingford School then you will need to visit us; please do get in touch and you will be made to feel very welcome.

John Marston


Welcome to Wallingford School (although strictly speaking an Academy) where we strive to reflect the community in our school population and also be at the heart of the community .

Wallingford School’s results at both GCSE and A Level have been excellent in recent years and have been at the top or near the top of Oxfordshire state schools during this period.  However the school is not just about examination results, important as they are, but we strive to give the best education experience to all our students no matter their academic abilities.  As our strapline states we aim to “send them into world able and qualified”. For this reason the school does not “chase” exam results preferring to ensure each young person’s education is appropriate to them. For the young person there is also a wide range  of extra-curricular activities including sports, music, drama and the arts to enhance their development and experience.

At the last OFSTED inspection in March 2017 the school was rated as good, but with many aspects of the school deemed as outstanding including quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and effectiveness of leadership and management.   It would be fair to say that the governors and school leadership were disappointed that overall rating was not outstanding, but understood that under the strict interpretation of the then OFSTED criteria there were technical issues which prevented this.

Wallingford School is proud to be both co-educational and comprehensive and embraces these concepts.  The school is currently oversubscribed but we actively seek to admit all applications from within our catchment area as we are keen to be representative of that community.  In order to accommodate the additional numbers wishing to come to the school and also the projected demographic increase of 11 -18 year in our catchment area the school has begun an expansion project to provide 12 new classrooms which is scheduled to come on stream in 2021/2022 academic year.

The school benefits from its association with the Merchants Taylors livery company as part of the Merchant Taylors Oxfordshire Academy Trust, an association that goes back over 350 years to the establishment of a school in Wallingford by Walter Bigg, himself a member of the Merchant Taylors.

The school has an excellent committed teaching and associate staff and it is able to recruit and retain first class employees who are drawn to the excellence of the school and its ethos.  Discipline is good and visitors to school often remark on the vibrant and happy atmosphere when they go round the school.

The Governors are very proud of Wallingford School and what has been achieved and are committed to ensure that these standards are maintained and improved as we move forward into the coming years.

Lynda Atkins

Chair of Governors

Governing Body

Lynda Atkins Chair
Erik Cawthorne
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John Marston
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Peter Rostron
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Our Vision

Wallingford School is a school rooted at the heart of its local community serving the town and its surrounding villages. We are proud that we serve our catchment area and have a core belief that students should attend their local school and that the school should meet each and every student’s needs to enable them to benefit from an all-round education.

Wallingford School is the only school in the town and is a comprehensive school – this is important to us. We know that we need to be broad and all-encompassing in what we offer, providing opportunities for all, tailoring provision for the individual and recognising need and diversity.

Our Values

Our values are not summarised in an acronym but are embedded in everything we do through the vision for our school. For us school is of course about qualifications but it is also about the type of young people we support to develop.

For us school is of course about qualifications but also about the type of young people we support to develop. Our ethos is neatly summarised in the words “able and qualified” – students will be “qualified” through great teaching and learning and “able” through an enriching and enlightening school experience which prepares them well for the modern world and forms them into responsible citizens.