Dear Sixth Form applicant and parent/carers

Hopefully you have received the email offering you a place in Wallingford School Sixth Form, subject to meeting the requirements, and an initial email regarding next week’s Taster Days.  We are pleased to be able to invite the prospective students in to school to experience a lesson in the subjects they have chosen, and to receive the summer preparatory work.

The students will be able to attend the three subjects that they have chosen, along with any reserve subjects, if they fit into the grid. The timetable below shows all of the sessions, but each student will receive an individual timetable via email tomorrow which will make it clear which sessions they should attend.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-9.50 Biology
Ms Sutton
BTEC Business Double 1
Ms McGowan
Ms Madden
BTEC Business Double 2
Ms McGowan
Mr Jackson
BTEC Business Single
Mr Flanagan
Mrs Crossingham
Applied Science
Mr Boddaert
Ms McGarrick
Mr Leigh
Ms Jones
10-10.50 Politics
Ms Mummery
BTEC Business  Single
Ms McGowan
Ms Mummery / Mr Harpin
Ms White
Ms Preston
Ms Jones
11-11.50 Product Design
Mr Holden/Ms Walker
Further Maths
Mr Griffiths
Health & Social Care 
Ms Burns
Mr Leigh
Media Studies
Ms Preston
Physical Education
Ms Hedges/Mr Dodson
Ms Maly
Ms Jones
Ms Lee
12-12.50 BTEC Food and Nutrition
Ms Ward
Physics Mr Payne History
Ms Simpkins
BTEC Sport
Ms Clarke
Ms Lancaster
Mr Bowen

The students will be asked to come to the Sixth Form Centre to sign in, 15 minutes before their taster lesson.  Due to the building work, access to the Sixth Form Centre is via the blue pedestrian gate on St George’s Road.  This is the entrance to the far right of the school site and leads to the Sixth Form garden where staff and students will be waiting to greet applicants.

Students are asked to wear a mask and to be mindful of social distancing and regular hand sanitizing.  If possible, we recommend that students take a lateral flow test before attending.

Students will leave the site after their lesson, signing out in the Sixth Form Centre on the way.

Students do not need to wear school uniform, the dress code for Sixth Form is non uniform, dressed to study rather to party/go to the gym/beach.

Students should bring with them a pencil case, some paper to write on and a folder in which to keep any handouts.

Summer preparatory work will be given out during the session and will also be available via our website.  There will be two submission dates for the work, the first on 16th July and the second at the start of term, 3rd September.

We look forward to seeing everyone during the Taster Days, when the Sixth Form Team will be available to talk to students and answer any queries.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.